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  • Here at X-cite Student Ministry, we strive to equip students in Tampa and beyond with the knowledge and love of Christ that will allow them to be true disciples of Christ, to mature and fully grow in the Lord, and to empower them to help other students do the same.


    This ministry was started because, we as Christians, not only have an opportunity to reach students, but an obligation to do so. Christ’s tells us in Matthew 28:19 (NIV) to “go and make disciples of all nations”. God did not place an age requirement on discipleship, but often, our students are not a focal point because it’s thought that they have time to come to Christ or they are not mature enough to handle such a responsibility.


    X-Cite is here to empower our students and to let them know that God loves them and that he can use anyone for the glorification of the Kingdom. All He needs is a willing heart. We want to prepare our students to be able to take on the challenges of the world by instilling a godly foundation that they can always refer back to. We want to partner with the students and parents to ensure that they have what they need to keep the Christian conversation going, even when they are away from the church, and also to ensure that the ministry is addressing the needs and concerns of the students in this ever-changing world that we live in.


    Lastly, we want to be led by the spirit of God. He is the head of this ministry and always will be.