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    Adult Ministry



    Whether it is meeting for a Men's breakfast, or gathering to complete a service project, the men of Central hope to be an encouragement to each other while we serve our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We serve him through service to others and His church.


    It’s easy in this day and age to become busy with work, family and anything we may categorize as rest or recreation (yes, that includes the T.V. and couch!). With so many things pulling at our time and attention, it’s easy to allow the idea of ministry to fall from our list of priorities. It’s our hope that that our ministry will provide the opportunity for service, study, growth and friendship.


    We believe that one of the fundamental threats to our churches and families is when men fail to fulfill their purpose in this world. Television, the cult of celebrity, pornography, and a culture that simply wants to do whatever they desire at all costs is the backdrop for our lives, and our ministry seeks to provide a lifeline of hope to our brothers who struggle in this world.



    The Women’s Ministry at Exciting Central Tampa Baptist Church focuses on encouragement, prayer, and discipleship of women to live an overcomer's life filled with grace.


    Our goals align fully with Central's mission and inspire women to seek a higher level of spiritual maturity in Christ through knowledge of biblical principles and doctrine. We aspire to equip women for service within Central by providing opportunities and encouragement for ministries within Central and our community.


    We strive to create an atmosphere that fosters fellowship, support, encouragement and unity amongst women, while providing instruction and teaching regarding the Christian woman’s responsibility as found in Titus 2:3-5.


    We desire to be women of grace activated by the power of the Holy Spirit to love unconditionally, pursue God's word faithfully and speak truthfully while serving passionately. We will be both light and salt while breaking down barriers and spreading the Gospel within Central and beyond giving all the glory and all the honor to the Lord, Our Savior, Jesus Christ.