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    ECTBC Executive Ministry Assistant


    To facilitate the effective ministry of ECTBC by serving the senior pastor, pastoral team, and ECTBC community in excellence. This position reports directly to the Senior Pastor.



    • Administrative Assistance - The primary function will be to provide the Senior Pastor with administrative assistance, allowing him to focus on other areas of ministry. Qualified applicants must provide assistance in maintaining a cheerful, organized and friendly atmosphere for all who enter the office area; meeting the needs of guests, volunteers, and congregational members
    • Primary Responsibility – Represent the Senior Pastor to others in an authentic, loving, competent and winsome way in personal interactions, phone conversations and written communication.
    • Calendaring and Support - Organize the Senior Pastor’s world including his calendar, priorities, tasks, travel, hospitality, files, meeting support, technology needs and administrative support. Lead projects, manage tasks and perform the duties necessary to support ECTBC roles.
    • Communication and Research - Independently craft rough drafts for and responses to Pastors communication with thoughtfulness and style. Research and organize biblical concepts, message illustrations and other topics and needs as they arise.
    • Administrative Proficiency - An individual with administrative proficiency is office savvy and possesses strong interpersonal and organizational skills. Demonstrates the ability to effectively prioritize and organize people, tasks, and events. Exhibits a strong attention to detail and the ability to multi-task. Has a good working knowledge of email and Microsoft Office products including, Excel, Word, Outlook and Power Point.
    • Confidant - A confidant demonstrates integrity, elicits trust and maintains the strictest of confidences. Demonstrates exceptional degree of personal and professional integrity. Maintains strict confidentiality of sensitive information. Operates with transparency and not have a hidden agenda.
    • Detail Orientation - An individual with detail orientation appreciates the importance of details and attends to details that affect quality, timeliness and goal achievement.
    • Hospitality - An individual who is hospitable cares for others by providing them with fellowship, food and/or shelter.  Fosters a welcoming environment where people feel valued, wanted and known. Meets and warmly welcomes people with a positive attitude. Sets people at ease in unfamiliar surroundings. Prepares, arranges and serves refreshments.
    • Task Manager - A task manager completes assignments with excellence, effectiveness, and efficiency. Prioritizes multiple roles and responsibilities. Maximizes strengths and actively addresses weaknesses. Fulfills general administrative duties (contacts, scheduling, data management and routine communication). Determines with accuracy the specific steps, resources and actions required to achieve the overarching goal.  Oversees the specifics of an event to ensure its successful completion. Demonstrates ability to work independently and coordinate work of others.
    • Interpersonal Effectiveness - An individual who displays interpersonal effectiveness relates well with others and responds appropriately to their needs and feelings. Demonstrates attentive and active listening by giving full attention to what other people are saying, Takes time to understand the points being made, asking clarifying questions and not interrupting at inappropriate times. Recognizes urgent situations and communicates that others’ issues matter through empathetic intentional and purposed responses. Shows compassion, composure and sensitivity in difficult situations.
    • Team Player - A team player values his/her coworkers and works collaboratively with them to achieve organizational goals. Encourages, uplifts and motivates those around him/her by being authentic, inspiring, joyful and loving, Values his/her coworkers and seeks to build healthy relationships with them. Collaborates well with the entire team by exemplifying humility and flexibility. Solicits and incorporates input from others. Goes above and beyond job requirements; demonstrating a commitment to “do whatever it takes” to see the job/task through to completion.
    • Time Manager - A time manager takes ownership of his/her responsibilities and manages his/her schedule to achieve maximum productivity.  Identifies and prioritizes responsibilities and opportunities accurately. Schedules and sets aside specific time to complete prioritized activities. Organizes daily actions around his/her goals and tracks progress. Meets deadlines.



    • Bachelor’s Degree
    • Knowledge of ECTBC theology, philosophy and history
    • Five (plus) years of experience with administration and/or administrative support at the executive level
    • Typing – 70 (plus) WPM with accuracy
    • Excellent oral and written command of English composition
    • Mastery of Windows 2000, Microsoft Office 2000 (Word, Excel, Publisher, PowerPoint) PageMaker,
    • Outlook, E-Mail, Schedule Plus, and a willingness to learn new technology
    • Demonstrated ability to manage multiple projects effectively and efficiently.
    • A gift of hospitality and strong interpersonal skills




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