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    School Board


  • Nominations must be returned to the Church Office by Sunday, November 24

    ECTBC is seeking nominees for the school board of the proposed school. Responsibilities include, but are not limited, to the following:

    • Establish the school’s mission, vision, values, and purpose.
    • Recruit & select the principal. Evaluate the principal’s performance on an annual basis.
    • Exercise financial oversight for the school.
    • Monitor the school’s programs, services, and curriculum to ensure alignment with a Biblical worldview.
    • Ensure compliance of the school to applicable local, state, and federal regulations.
    • Build effective relationships with school staff and parents. Maintain objectivity and avoid conflicts of interest.
    • Attend regular school board meetings.



    • Must have received Jesus Christ as his/her personal Savior and believes that the Bible is the inerrant word of God.
    • Be an ECTBC member in good standing and faithfully attend worship services.
    • Serve as an example to others in attitude, speech, and actions. Maintain discretion in dealing with confidential matters.
    • Ideally, has a background in education (whether job-related, volunteer experience, or formal education)
  • Submit your name(s) here